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Model No.: HV-K-015 Introduction: Is a Smith machine can be used to do squats, weight lifting, high and low, birds, butterflies, enlarge bosom, small arms, hand, pull-ups instruments, it left and right side of the track to hold the moving direction of the lever, limiting the motion trajectory of a lot of action, so the standard of actions and balance the requirements of the relatively free training to reduce a lot of weight, Also improve the safety factor of practice, very suitable for beginners.

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Many advanced bodybuilders do not like Smith machine, and think it is not a real weight training because it is not professional and difficult as free weight training. But in fact, middle and advanced bodybuilders can use Smith machine to impact the maximum weight to improve bench press ability. Also, for a lot of people who have trouble with free weight training, it's a great tool for stimulating target muscle groups.

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